“If we are to judge her by her first work of fiction, Anne Ferguson’s writing career holds promise. The Search for Ladybug is a good read.

The plot is tight, and we are held in its tight, page-turning grip from start to finish.

The characters plunge us into a world of twists and turns – a world where life can take humans when faulty thinking takes them in the wrong direction.

Through her treatment of the missing person scenario, the author reveals an understanding of how our fundamental goodness can become sullied, yet how innocent our misguided motivations can be at their core.

The story is replete with the unexpected – in both the bad and the good of which humans are capable.

The Search for Ladybug is a good read because it is both entertaining and thought-provoking.

It will leave you wanting more from this author.”


— Madeleine Desrosiers

August 4, 2018